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Manufacturer of Calcium Stearates

Calcium Stearate
Stearates manufacturing is a simple process but difficult to perfect, as the optimum combination of all properties has to be delicately maintained. RKVK is one of the leading Calcium Stearate manufacturers in India, with more than 40 years of history in the production of calcium stearate.

We have a complete quality assurance system, accompanied by more than a dozen chemical and technology experts, engineers, and other technical consultants, which have become our company's strong backing. Calcium stearate, also known as calcium salt and octadecanoic acid, is an odorless white powder used in many manufacturing processes and preparations. It is a carboxylate created by heating stearic acid and calcium oxide under controlled conditions. Our products are manufactured in SS 316 L plants, suitable for various plastics, industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications.

We offer the best quality Calcium Stearates

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Calcium Stearate Properties
As the global leaders of today, and a well-known name among Calcium Stearate suppliers in the different parts of INDIA, We are committed to developing high-quality calcium steerates that have the following unique properties :

  •  White fine powder with melting point 150-155°C
  •  Relative density is 1.08.
  •  Insoluble in water, cold ethanol, etc.
  •  Soluble in organic solvents such as hot benzene, benzene, and turpentine
  •  Slightly soluble in hot ethanol, etc.
  •  Decompose when exposed to strong acid and is hygroscopic
  •  Non-toxic and can be used for food packaging materials
Why choose us as your Calcium Stearate Suppliers?
We are committed to providing the best quality products, at fair market prices based on your needs and requirements.. Ours is a unit characterized by openness to cooperation, production flexibility, and readiness to modify its product taking into account the needs of the customer. We are always focused on long-term cooperation. As a leading calcium stearate supplier in India, we make sure that our products that undergo rigorous controls in quality laboratories, so you can be sure that the results in your applications will be efficient. We have a three tier quality control system – shopfloor, factory QC and central QC. Our company pursues the tenet of "Perfection in Quality. Satisfaction in services", thereby spurring us to provide high-quality products and reasonable prices.
What are the benefits of Calcium Stearate?
We are the manufacturers of high-grade Calcium Stearate that has good long-term thermal stability and is non-toxic. It is a very superior grade and has been widely used in industrial production. As a top Calcium Stearate manufacturer in the World, we have been supplying our products to food, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, rubber, and many more industries for more than 40 years.
What is the standard for choosing Calcium Stearate?
The calcium stearate standard is based on different industries. Generally, we mainly choose calcium stearate based on the application field and our own experience. Generally a good stearate should have white colour, free from contamination, low free fatty acid, low electrolyte contents, low free alkali, high thermal stability and negligible heavy metal contents. For more information, you can contact us, and we will definitely guide you in your selection based on your needs and requirements.
PVC Stabilizer One Pack Heat Stabilizer
PVC Stabilizer One Pack Heat Stabilizer
PVC Stabilizer One Pack Heat Stabilizer
PVC Stabilizer One Pack Heat Stabilizer
C.S Calcium Stearates
C.S Calcium Stearates
PVC Stabilizer One Pack Heat Stabilizer